The article I found talks about how there are three key aims in a research proposal the three keys are:

1.It describes what you want in a paper and how you plan to do it in a clear manner.

2.It shows that you did it and not anyone else

3.It communicates to people outside your field what you are talking about.

It goes on to talk about how there is a set format to a proposal then it talks about of how people don’t need to start off that like that, but people do need to start with good ideas. That people don’t need to limit themselves to only a couple ideas because the final product will be two pages, it is recommended that people come up with a whole of bunch ideas then limit them as they continue the writing process. It is also a good idea to start with questions. At the end of the proposal, the paper should show your expertise on the topic and leave the audience with a feeling of wow. Then the article goes on to explain what the different parts of the proposal should be.

Peter. Jana. Crafting A Research Proposal. Northwestern University.


I found an outline article on Purdue online writing lab. It helps know how to use parallelism, coordination, subordination and division. It goes on to explain why we should use an outline and that is because it can help the person be organized and make writing the paper easier. It also explains what kind of outlines are out there and explains what each one is and how they are used.

Developing an Outline. Purdue OWL.

My Proposal.

I want to write about Myasthenia Gravis(MG). This topic is close to me because my dad was diagnosed with the disease in January 2005, but he had symptoms of it since August 2004.  Not many people know about MG because 20 people out of 10,000 people are diagnosed with it. There may be more people with it but they are undiagnosed and that is a huge problem. I hope to get a better sense of the disease out of this. I plan on writing a novella telling the story of a family that has a family member diagnosed with the disease and the challenges that everyday life bring up with someone diagnosed with it. (MGFA )

My research question is how does Myasthenia Gravis affect the parent-child relationship? To obtain the information I need for the story and to answer my question, I will use my personal experiences along with my dads’ and some of my other family. I will also use information off of the myasthenia gravis foundation of America website along with other credible sources that I can find on the disease. MG is a muscle disorder that is often mistaken for MS because they share some of the same qualities. For rural areas like Bradford, Pa, where I grew up, they do not have the technology needed to diagnose the disease. They may have it now but I am not sure.

My purpose for writing on this topic is because more people need to need to know about MG. The better a disease is known about the more help they get for research and the more research that can be done, the more testing they can do for it, the more people will know if they have it or not. The more we know about a disease, the sooner we can find a cure for it. Although this disease is not deadly and can go into remission at any time, it would be nice to have some kind of treatment to make it go into remission.

The disease also causes people with it to crash. Crash means that the person stops breathing and ends up on life support, with a breathing tube, feeding tube along with the other machines they use for that. Most people when this happens never get off the machines but some people do get off the machines and get to there “normal”.

MG is not only a muscle disorder but it is also neurological. The neurologist helps my dad by keeping his mental state intact. Also other diseases may come along with MG. Diabetes and high blood pressure may result from the disease also because depending on how bad the disease is, the person can not exercise that much, can’t lift very heavy things, and also may need a cane to walk. (Myasthenia Gravis,

Since I have personal experience with the disease, I only need some research to back up what I say. Like I said before I will use personal experiences from myself, my parents, and other family members along with friends to help tell the story. This is very important to me because it will essentially help my dad get better and/or help others in the future cope with the disease because it is not easy to cope with.

I said and/or help is because my research may not help my dad but eventually help others. My goal for this is to help more people know about MG and to just get awareness about it like other diseases that out there that they have all these fund-raising events for. I just want to ultimately benefit others along with my dad.


“Myasthenia gravis.” Mayo Clinic Health Letter 25.3 (2007): 6. Health Source – Consumer Edition. EBSCO. Web. 25 Feb. 2010. <;

My outline

I Introduction

II Diagnose

A. Doctors appointments

B. Medicenes

III Aunt diagnosed

A. Chemo

B. Beauty lessons

C. Turns in and out of hospitals

IV Aunt Died

A. Family feud

B. Life with three of us

V Junior and Senior years

A. Doing good in school

B. Crashed and Disney

C. Hanging on with one thread

D. Getting into IUP

VI Freshmen year of IUP

A. Classes

B. Ex

C. Spread news of MG


2 responses to “P&O

  1. marlen

    February 22, 2010 at 2:19 pm

    Great start; strong ideas!

    Proposal incomplete:
    * no evidence of scholarship; in-text citations needed for relevant sources; reference/works cited/notes needed at end of document.

    Revision due date: Thursday February 25th

  2. amandalbtp

    February 23, 2010 at 5:24 am

    Thanks! I’ll be sure to add those things.


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