Reflective Letter #1

Dear Marlen,

I enjoy your class very much.  You are a great professor, I like the fact you are here to merely guide us through the research process.  I am really glad I chose your class for my research writing process. You have us think in ways we have never thought of for the research process. I have written three research papers, the papers I wrote were just to get a good grade and to pass those English classes. You have made us think about where to get it published and are letting us do the paper how we want to.

I don’t have any questions or concerns about the class. At least I don’t think I do.  I can see myself growing through this process. I do admit that I wait til the last minute to get the blogs done but I have learned that I get the blog done when I wait until Monday or Wednesday night to get it done. I don’t like waiting til the last minute to get things done, but for this class, It helps me focus and get it done. I have also realized that I have a natural talent for writing. When I write, the words just flow out of my fingers, into the keyboard and into the computer.

I am looking forward to rest of this semester. I am also looking forward to see myself grow as a writer and a student. My friend Jen was right. She told me that your class was hard and a lot of work, but at the end of the semester, she was a better writer. I am starting to see myself grow as I get my blogs and assignments done. I thought that using blogs for the class was going to be difficult but it is not that difficult unless I am busy with other stuff and can’t get to my computer. Thank you for a great 5 weeks.


Amanda Whiteman

Reflective Letter 2

Dear Marlen,

This semester has come to a close and now it is time for us to say goodbye for now because I do believe that we will stay in contact, then meet up for lunch or something down the road. This semester was hard. I’m really glad I didn’t take your warning and didn’t back out of the class. This has been an amazing experience. When I saw that I had to take research writing I thought, gahh I don’t like it, why do I have to take a class about research writing? Well it was a growing experience. I don’t think I would of enjoyed research writing with any other professor because you were more like a guide, mentor and a friend most of the semester which made it seem alot better. You didn’t stand in front of the class telling us to write everything you say down because it will be on the test and blah blah blah like most professors would.

I am glad you aren’t like that. I am very proud of myself for sticking through the course. I can’t believe it is the end of the semester already. It seems like I was walking into your class not knowing exactly what was going to happen yesterday. It was a lot of work but it was well worth it. There were times I thought I wasn’t going to get an assignment done but I always pulled at the last minute because I knew I had to get it done in order to pass. Thank you for being my professor and teaching me how to think about research writing differently. Thank you for making me validated as a writer because it is something I needed to hear from a professor.


Amanda Whiteman


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