Christmas Came Early

21 Dec

So this year my Christmas list didn’t have much on it. I only really wanted a full time job (sorry Santa but you can’t even help with that), printer and a portable charger for electronics because my phone tends to run out of battery when I’m out and about. The last two I don’t even care about as much because I can just buy them myself. Well I got a phone call today that would change my life. See earlier I had gotten a call about having to park over at Epcot from December 23-December 30 due to high potential park attendance. They did this to us earlier this year during Star Wars weekends but apparently didn’t really need to. It was kind of fun because once we were parked, we would board a bus that then took us over to Hollywood Studios, well you got to bond with your co-workers on the bus (the semi fun part). So I got another phone call and it was about a transfer if I was still interested. I had been offered the position of fastpass+ kiosk at Magic Kingdom full time! Needless to say, I took it and I was over the moon happy! I could barely contain my happy tears as the nice lady from casting finished up the call. I was happy, crying, couldn’t breathe from happiness and it was just an overwhelming of finally something good came out of my patience!

Turns out my managers were right. I got snatched up by the New Year for full time. I think I would of preferred character attendant but I can always reapply for that at a later date. The nice thing about the position I took is that it’s been in existence since like October of this year. So it is a brand new team that is still building and I get to be a part of it! Best part is, the transfer takes effective on Monday Decemember 23 which is only a few days away! I got one Christmas present I wanted and it was the most important one! I’m just over the moon happy for this wonderful opportunity!

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