My first RunDisney event

14 Nov

So I completely forgot to mention that I participated in a RunDisney event last month. I had signed up for The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10-Miler. It was my first event ever that would involve running/walking. As the event approached, I got more nervous by the day. I did think that it was mistake signing up for it and did think about not doing it all. But I did it because the money I spent on the race was non-refundable. I had been lazy and not really trained at all for it. I wanted to but I didn’t just really do it for some reason.

When the day finally came for race packet pick up and the actual race, I decided that my main goal was to just finish the race. I did the race by myself and I happen to make some friends during the race. Disney put on an amazing event and I’m glad I did it even through all of the pain I was in for days after.

Once we arrived at the start of the race at Disney’s Hollywood Studios there was a dj who was playing really good music and getting everyone to dance. Of course he was a bellhop from The Hollywood Tower Hotel and playing music from the lobby of the hotel. They also had placed many backdrops so the runners could take pictures with them pre-race. They also had snacks and drinks available as well but it’s recommended not to eat close to race time, we were within a couple hours of race time. Port-o-potty’s were also available along with water. Once we were in our corrals and being moved to the starting line, they had the star spangled banner sung, talked about other events coming up and music playing of course. With the start of every corral there were fireworks and a small introduction about running into the Twilight Zone.

They had on course entertainment like djs, character meet and greets, Halloween decorations and special performers. When we got to the Animal Kingdom autoplaza (where you pay the parking fee), they had out the performers of Festival of the Lion King greeting and cheering us on. They had out various villains throughout the course like the Old Hag from Snow White, Dr. Facilier/Shadow Man from Princess and the Frog, Grave Diggers from the Boo to You Parade along with Haunted Mansion Ghosts from the same parade, Captain Hook from Peter Pan, the three head Hyena’s from Lion King, Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland and Stitch was also out.   At the start of the race we were told that there would be a baseball game going on at ESPN Wide World of Sports and when we got to the baseball field, all of the players had been zapped from the field and a weird machine was placed on the field. The game announcer said that some aliens had done it. I bet I know who one of the aliens was that was responsible for it. I didn’t stop at any of the meet and greets because I was already going slow and didn’t want to get swept off course. 

The race went by really fast because I got more encouraged as the miles passed by. Right before Animal Kingdom, I found this group of women that were encouraging each other and decided to keep up with them. I also chose them because we were in the same corral and I thought if I kept up with them that I would be right about on pace. When I had finally reached the finish line and got my lovely medal, I cried because I was so happy for completing it and wasn’t sure if I could do it. We got a whole bunch of goodies at the end to help refuel our bodies and I found somewhere to sit and relax to make sure I was okay to move on. I didn’t want to be taken to the medical tent for post race sickness.

After the race they had the Villains Bash which was the post race party but I didn’t stay long because it was like 1 or 2 in the morning and I had to be at work at 10 am and the only thing I really wanted to do was ride Tower of Terror but that was like a 40 minute wait and I didn’t feel like waiting that long. They had a ton of bars available which was not good for the runners. They a dj in front of the hat and various villains roaming the park.

I had finished the race in 3:00:35 which is right about where I wanted to be. I wanted to do it under 3 hours but that’s okay. At least I can aim for a better time next year. I do plan on doing it again until I can’t improve my time anymore.


Picture 1-My bib, shirt, pin, bag claim sticker and the running pouch I bought

Picture 2- One of the backdrops they had available

Picture 3-  My medal

Picture 4- The pre-race dj

Picture 5- Another backdrop that was available


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