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28 Oct

All right so it has been a few months. (Sorry I’m still new to this whole blogging deal.)

In May I got a part time transfer to showkeeping in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It has been a blast working in Studios. I am so glad I decided to take the transfer. My co-workers are awesome and we have a blast while working. My leaders are also awesome! Even though we have gotten changes in leadership, they are all very nice and willing to work with you as much as possible for anything you may need.

I have made a ton of new friends in attractions, entertainment along with food and beverage. I have found out that I like working conventions. Conventions is where a company spends money to keep either part of the park open for a couple hours or the whole park open for a couple of hours. They usually have a dj that plays really awesome music that you can sing or dance too. They are usually very easy to work. I also love working Fantasmic which is the nighttime entertainment at Studios. In Fantasmic, you follow Mickey through a dream to fight the forces of evil when his dream turns into an over whelming nightmare. It has characters, music, laser lighting, scenes from Disney movies and fireworks. 

I did get transferred to full time housekeeping but that didn’t turn out to be a strength for me so they sent back to Studios which was fine. I have put in for other roles which includes a new one for the fastpass+ kiosks throughout the parks and I also put in for character attendant.

For character attendant, most folks have to have an interview before being put on the wait list. I had my interview for that a couple days ago and it went really good. The interviewer said that I am a really good candidate for the position and said I am in consideration for a second interview. I told one of my managers how my interview went and he’s guessing that I might be gone before thanksgiving which is what I am hoping for. I have my fingers crossed that it will happen quickly. I am going to work with my managers to see if I can scheduled to shadow a character attendant for a day to help prepare for a second interview.

So that’s pretty much it for now.

TTFN, Ta Ta For Now

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