Post Disney College Program

20 Jan

My program ended on Jan 4, 2013. I was sad to say “see ya real soon” to my roommates and the friends that  I have made but we know that we all have to go our separate ways for now for various reasons like finishing school so they can come back if they like. I am still in Florida working for Disney. I am seasonal now in the same role at the same location. I do have an interview coming up in two weeks (Jan 30, 2013) to see if another role wants me to join their ranks or not. I really hope they do since it is full time role and I would be back up to 40 hours a week (hopefully). I have also gotten two pay rate increases since the ending of my program which has helped very much. 

My boyfriend had an interview with Disney at the beginning of the month and he got hired. He’ll be he with me in a week or so starting his adventure with Disney which we are both excited about because we’ll finally be in the same state as each other. We have been long distance from the start and now we finally won’t be long distance anymore. 

I am very excited for the upcoming changes in my life and my boyfriends life.

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