The Road to Disney: Part 7

09 Aug

I have officially checked into my program. I am somewhat settled into my apartment and I am getting along with my roommates so far. The check in process took like an hour to get through then I had an hour and a halfish to myself, so I decided to move all of my stuff into the apartment which took like 20 minutes or so. Then I started to get settled in a bit then we had to leave to go to casting to find out our work location (some more specific then others like Magic Kingdom: Fantasyland or Pop Century) then we went over how we should look, finished up some paperwork and got a background check done then a briefing on classes. After that we could head back to our apartments or could get food. We were also given stickers that said our location and when we have traditions. We also got our first two days of training schedule. It was a two hourish process at casting which was horrible. Lots of standing that day, not two mention most of us got up at 4 or 5 am that day. My advice for check in day is to wear comfortable shoes because of the standing and walking with the lack of sitting.

I had my welcome housing meeting today and it was awesome. We were welcomed with a club atmosphere including lights and fog machines then we did the wave. Not to the mention the guy that was doing the presentation was good looking but was full of jokes. It has been an interesting couple of days. I can’t wait for more adventures.

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