The Road To Disney: Part 6

27 Jul

7 days until I leave for Florida and 12 Days until I check in for my Disney College Program! I have signed up for two classes, Exploring Disney Heritage and Exploring Guest Service. I have also completed my hire documentation which included a ton of reading that you think you wouldn’t have to do. I spent five weeks of my summer cleaning bathrooms in the morning then lifegaurding in the afternoon. I have find a quick way to do toilets. Which I hope to use while working in Disney since toilets and bathrooms are part of the job. I also took out some trash which has semi prepared me to do it in Disney. I get a cart to haul around all the trash I pick up. So I feel way more prepared after working my summer job then I did before.

Now I have to pack my clothes and make final preparations for this move as much as I can. I also have a bunch of money saved up until I get my first paycheck. I wish I could of had more but things happened and now I have less. Since I’ve gotten back to my house, my parents have let me use there money to pick up things I need and things I want.

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