The Road to Disney Part 2

11 Mar

Since my last post, I have paid all my fees and selected my program dates. They only gave me 10 days to fully accept my offer. The first step was selecting yes at the bottom of my invitation. Second step was paying the fees which covers rent for the fist couple of weeks until I get paid and a down payment I guess you can call it. Which is non-refundable. So basically if you changed your mind after the paying the fees that you don’t want to do it, then you don’t get your money back. The last and third step is selecting your program dates. Once you have completed those steps, you have fully accepted your offer. If you don’t do it within 10 days, Disney assumes you are declining the offer.

I have joined a bunch of facebook groups for the program. I am part of the Disney College Program Fall 2012 group, GREEKS going to Disney Fall/FA 2012, Disney College Program Fall/Advantage-2012 Non-wellness roommate finder, Disney College Program Custodial Fall/Fall Advantage 2012 and DCP Arrival Date August 8, 2012. So basically, there are a bunch of groups for the different situations for the program. I have managed to find a roommate and suitemates for when I get down there.

I have also lined up a short summer job so I can save money for support when I get there because I won’t get paid until after 2-3 weeks after being there.

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