The Road to Disney Part 1

28 Feb

I have been trying to get into the Disney College Program since I started my journey at IUP. Well my dream finally came true this semester. I applied for the last time because I graduate in May and only currently enrolled students can apply for it. I filled out the application then waited for the invitation to do the web based interview email then I did the web based interview. Once that is completed you are you told that you can go on and do a phone or interview or thank you for applying but you can’t do a phone interview.

At the end, I was told I could schedule a phone interview. Then I scheduled it when the email came with the link for it. I was a nervous wreck for the interview. I did the best I could to prepare for it and hoped for the best. Then the day came for my interview. I did my best to talk up my top roles so that way the interviewer knew which one they should be put me in. The interview took the amount of time they should it would and the interviewer called at the last possible minute that was recommended for waiting.

Once it ended I was told by the interviewer that I would hear back in two weeks. In the email I received thanking me for the interview said it could take three weeks for me to hear back. Well eight days after I had my interview there was an email in my inbox waiting for me to open it the subject line that I could see said “Disney College Program: Congratul…” and immediately I opened it. It was the email I was waiting for. It said that I had been selected to participate in the Disney College Program and it was surreal that it had happened.

I thought I would want to jump up and down, do cartwheels and other similar things to share my joy. But I just sat on my bed and cried joyfully for like 20 minutes then texted my mom and boyfriend to share the news then called my dad to share it. Then I posted it on facebook once I knew my mom had gotten the text. Then I accepted the offer, put down the money to hold my spot and then chose my arrival date and end date. Then they asked for my birth date and now I’m waiting for my purple envelop to come in the mail for further instruction. So that’s my story so far. Keep tuned for more on the road to Disney.

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