Blog 16-Reflections

22 Apr

1)The most useful document was my one article because it has everything I need on it concerning MG. It talks about the testing that is done, possible treatments along with signs and symptoms of it.

2)The most helpful feedback was my classmates, marlen and the course assistant telling me that my topic is really good and that it is interesting. It was helpful because that gave me the encouragement to do the topic and validated it.

3)The most difficult was creating the story. It was most difficult because I would get writers block and it was hard to get into the right mindset for it. The easiest was the introduction because it was short and sweet. I only needed one page and just to give readers what my story was about.

4)My final essay shows my best ability in the actual story. I really like to use imagery in my writings because I like the reader to have a picture in there mind while there reading. If they have a picture in their mind while reading, then it will be more like a movie then a book to them.

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