Blog #8-Introductory paragraph

18 Feb
  • 2-3 sentences that lead up to a thesis statement.
  • Thesis is a statement that the paper revolves around and is informative
  • First sentence should hook readers by humor, fact, or quotation
  • Finding the hook can be used by many different methods
  • Keep gong back to the introductory paragraph to make sure its good.

Fleming, Grace. “Introductory Paragraph.” 2010. 17 February 2010. <;

  • Tasks: Introduce topic, Indicate methodology/structure and state thesis
  • Not all three of those tasks are always in the introductory paragraph
  • Pattern:
  • I. Introduction
  • A. The Topic
  • 1. Boundaries
  • 2. Why it’s interesting
  • B. Methodology
  • 1. Main sections
  • 2. Structural Principle
  • 3. Methodology
  • C. Thesis Statement
  • 1. Its premise
  • 2. Conculsion

“The Introductory Paragraph.” 17 February 2010. <;

To me the most important part of the introduction is the thesis statement. In high school we stated the three topics we would discuss and in the order of how they appear in our paper in our thesis statement. We also were suppose to make it kind of interesting. It is also important because it is what the whole paper is about.  I think my introduction is going to be the events around my dads diagnose.

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