Blog #7-Evaluating sources

18 Feb

I. Initial appraisal

A. Author

B. Date of Publication

C. Edition or Revision

D. Publisher

E. Title of Journal

II. Content analysis

A. Intended Audience

B. Objective Reasoning

C. Coverage

D. Writing Style

E. Evaluative Reviews

Ormondroyd, Joan. “Critically Analyzing Information Sources.” Cornell University. 1 September 2009.  17 February 2010. <;

  • Evaluating Sources Overview
  • Evaluating Bibliographic Citations
  • Evaluation During Reading
  • Print vs. Internet

“Evaluating Sources of Information.” Purdue Online Writing Lab. 1995-2010. 17 February 2010. <;

I think that briefly reading through  sources then going back and really concentrating on what they say and what not, is important. Briefly reading will help the researcher get the gist of the source and help the researcher to keep or get rid of sources without wasting time that could be spent on something else that is important. Then when the researcher decides to keep certain sources is when they should pay attention to the details and really investigate the source.

Evaluating sources is very important for a researcher because the research needs to know what his/her sources say and where exactly the author possibly got the information, education of the author, and how well published he/she is. To make sure the source has been reviewed by others before getting published.

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