Blog #4-Choosing a topic

04 Feb

1.How does Myasthenia Gravis show up in a person? I am curious about this because my dad was diagnosed with it. i got led to this topic mainly because my dad has it but I would also like to get this disease known by all people so that it is well known.

2.What are the common things in people that have Myasthenia Gravis? How does it go into remission? Why is it so rare? How could we possibly prevent it? How can we differ it from Multiple Sclerosis from how the person looks? Why does it cause people to crash? Why does the blood cleaner help my dad feel better?

3. Research that has been done before is about how the disease works and finding ways to cure it and find better ways to keep it under control. My research is different because I am researching how it affects the person and the persons family along with other relationships.

4. My methodology will be carrying out interviews with my family members and using my personal experiences. I will also be using refereed  journals.

5.Christian Wrtiers Guild ( AuthorHouse ( Tate Publishing Services ( Grelin Press ( Book Publishing Services (

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