Blog #2 Start of Research

28 Jan

One topic that I am interested in doing is on the show The Gilmore Girls. I would look into how Amy Sherman came up with the idea of a mother daughter show. This topic is important because I love the show and it was a huge part of my life, well it is still part of my life because it is a timeless show that will last a few more years with the re-runs. I would bring new research on how the show came to be because all the sites I have been to are just fan sites. They don’t have much on them about how Amy created the show. They just have cast and crew listings, fan mail addresses, different facts about the actors and characters, show listings, and summary plots. My research question would be How did Amy Sherman think of a TV series that was about a single mother and her daughter? I could write how she got the idea then include clips of different scenes, the theme song and pictures of the show.

My second topic is Myasethenia Gravis. I want to know how people get the disease and why it is so rare. This topic is important because my dad is one of the people that has this disease and I would like to see a cure come about or find a way to prevent the disease from attacking. I could help further the research with this paper and I could help bring more awareness to the disease along with educating people on what it is.  My research question could be What causes MG to attack people? I could write down somethings and most likely tape my dad doing certain activities then compare them to one of my classmates to see how MG affects the muscles.

My third topic is Religion. I would compare different Religions. This topic is important because my grandma, my parents and I all go to church. I would bring something new to the discussion by finding out what all the different religions are and compare them all to one another to see how closely or not closely related they are. My research question would be How are all the worlds religions related to one another? I could experience the religions around Indiana and gather the information from the internet then I could put a video together that represents them.

My fourth topic is Animals.  I want to know why dogs are considered mans best friend, why not cats or hamsters? This topic is important because I’m probably not the only one that woners this same thing. I am not really sure what I could bring to the research/discussion that is new.My research question would be Why are dogs considered mans best friend?  I could report stuff then add in like charts and graphs to help my point.

My fifth and final topic is Bowling. I want to know how and why it was invented. This topic is important because many people are professional bowlers and many others enjoy the sport. I’m not really sure what I could bring to the table that is new.  My research question would be Why did someone invent a sport that throws a ball against pins? I would report some of the information then use graphs, photos, and vidoes to help support my theory.


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2 responses to “Blog #2 Start of Research

  1. telenkonicolexdqq

    January 28, 2010 at 5:09 am

    Amanda, I had an internal freak out when I saw you are thinking about Gilmore Girls as a research topic. I LOVE Gilmore Girls, it is my favorite show of all time and I have all the seasons on dvd (I’m somewhat obsessed) haha. Believe it or not, I actually had it listed on my original list because the pop culture references found within the show are so brilliant and thorough, I think Amy Sherman is pretty much a genius haha. I’ve always wondered how Lorelai struggles with her complicated relationship with her parents, and yet she is capable of creating such a warm and close relationship with her own daughter.

    Another topic I think is interesting is Myasethenia Gravis. Since you have such a personal tie to it, I’m interested in how the disease affects your family, or your relationship with your dad. Maybe you can research the effects the disease has on family members? Just a suggestion.

    No matter what you choose, I’m excited to be in your group and see what you come up with!

  2. amandalbtp

    January 28, 2010 at 4:47 pm

    My mom and I are very obsessed with the show. We both have all 7 seasons on dvd. I think looking into how Amy Sherman created the show, would be great. Because most sites are just fan sites and peoples opinions. Yea that is what I was thinking for MG. Its commonly mistaken as MS but MG doesn’t make the person end up in a wheelchair once it gets to a certain stage. It is not deadly either. I’m glad you think that Gilmore Girls and MG are great topics because those are the two I like the most. The others I just put in to have five topics for the post. Thank you for the comment!


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